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"As usual, the communication and support from the school has been outstanding." (September 2021)

"Also wanted to say a massive thank you from us all for an amazing time at Knowl Hill in which our son was able to be himself again, to grow in confidence and flourish, and to reach his potential. We are so proud of him and so grateful to the whole team at Knowl Hill that make the school a unique and inspiring place of learning. Thank you so much." (August 2021)

"How time flies! Thank you for your support, care and time with our son. He has enjoyed being part of the Knowl Hill family. You have all been so great and helped him on his way to being an adult. Thank you." (August 2021)


"Thank you for making sure our daughter had seven amazing years at Knowl Hill. We will always be grateful that the amazing team has given her happy school day memories to look back on, when it could have been so different had she been in mainstream. Keep up the amazing work." (August 2021)


"If it had not been for you J would not have had the chance in life that Knowl Hill has given him. He would not have had the education and would not have made friends for life. We can't express ever how much you have given J and us by having him in your wonderful school." (August 2021)


"Thank you so much for all your help and support with F. His time at Knowl Hill has been priceless ; we were blessed when we found you and we are truly sad to be leaving. F has grown and developed in addition to feeling loved and surrounded by true friends. It does indeed take a village to raise a child and the 'Knowl Hill' village has been a happy place for us" (July 2021)


"Thank you so much for helping to make (child's name)'s first half term at Knowl Hill an enjoyable one for us all.
We both feel (child's name) is settling in remarkably and (we ) have been overwhelmed at his enthusiasm for sharing with us his day's activities.  Fingers crossed for the same enthusiasm next term and we look forward to continuing to work with you to develop his learning abilities." (AC - 18/10/2019)

My child "was (rightly) so very proud of himself.  This is such a HUGE achievement, I cannot begin to tell you how amazed and pleased we are.  I am literally jumping for joy.  Thank you."  (TR - 23/05/2019)

"Two things have happened this week which I had to write to you about". . . . . "These two things are amazing achievements for my child and I want to THANK YOU for the support, encouragement, environment and teachers who are making these things possible."  (TR 07/03/2019)

"I have been meaning to e-mail you since D started this Academic year – her third at Guildford.


We have always been so thankful  - purely by chance we came across Knowl Hill on Google and up popped your wonderful school - the rest is an experience of a life time which we cherish.


D did so well with her G.C.S.Es. She is enjoying her violin music and achieved Grade 1 the other year - loves baking, something she started getting interested in at Knowl Hill with the cooking course .


By all means we would be happy to share our experience anonymously for others to be inspired and reassured." (RH - 17/12/2016)


"We have our son back!  Thank you all so much for all that you do for kids like (our son). He has changed so much in the last few short weeks, for the better.  He is lucid, engaged and pursuing hobbies.  The photo on the newsletter says it all!" AW, parent of Year 9 child, 16/12/2016


"(My daughter) has come on fabulously over the last year.  It may not show up in test results (yet) but her confidence is unmissable.  We will often find her reading and writing just for the fun of it and lately, she can count! (well done Mr Plunkett).  She seems to be on the an increasingly upward trajectory – great job." MR, parent of Year 5 child, 21/07/16


"For the first time since arriving in the UK, having met you, I finally feel that somebody cares for pupils with SpLD and approach the problem thinking about inclusion in education instead of exclusion."  DS 07/07/2016


"I was very pleased to have the opportunity to come to the GCSE Art Exhibition last week.  As usual, your students' work was truly inspirational and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening."  BD 05/07/2016


"I am always amazed at the high achievement of 'our' students, given the encouragement and direction you so ably provide. . . . So very interesting to see how these young people have developed and matured over the past few years  It was such a pleasure to chat with them about their work and ambitions."  SH 01/07/2016


". . . a special thank you for all the help you have given (our son).  Your vision that cookery was something he could achieve in will stay with him forever.  Your patience in helping him through the exam is something we shall be eternally grateful for."  J&S H 01/07/2016


Despite a lot of walking (I was tired by the end of the day) I didn't hear one moan or groan. They were all great representatives of the school and you should be very proud of them." JM   04/02/2016


"After leaving KHS I went to college and studied fine art. I really liked art and considering I got two A*'s I thought it was the right path to take. I completed college and then went to university and studied Graphic Design. I left university with a 2:1 BA (Hons) Degree. I then started work oddly enough in a finance company as I was drawn to the money. I think after years and years of studying and art I burnt out all my creativity and just wanted to work.


I worked in finance for 5 years and became fed up with the dull 9-5 office life style.


I ended up joining the Metropolitan Police. After many many exams, assessments, and a few years in uniform I have now successfully obtained the role as a Detective. This has always been a pipe dream that I wanted to pursue. I'm now a Detective in CID.


This is another reason why I wanted to thank all at KHS. Without the help and support I received I would never have been able to achieve what I have. Not only did I learn so much but KHS provided me with the positive attitude and mentality to strive for anything that you want to achieve." (DT - 19/10/2016)


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