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Year 10 Work Experience - June 2018

At Knowl Hill School we encourage students in Year 10 to find their own work placement if at all possible, in conjunction with their parents/carers.  The placement takes place in June each year and is for two weeks.  Students can choose one placement or several placements.  Students choose a placement that suits their interests and abilities, near to where they live.  They are encouraged to travel by public transport if possible and to make a packed lunch to take with them. 


In the weeks before they start a placement they are given extensive guidance on what to expect and what will be expected of them while on work experience.  They are given a diary to keep each day, which also acts as an information source for them, as it contains their contact details should the employer need to contact their family during the placement.  If there are any dress codes or safety requirements they are advised before they start.


We encourage students to find their own placements to build their confidence and to ensure that it is within easy travelling distance of their home.  The School keeps in touch with placement providers.  If students are unable or unwilling to find a placement the School will help to find one.  

Year 10 Work Experience: 4-15 June 2018


Message sent out in the Christmas 2017 Newsletter:


It is not too soon for Year 10 students to start thinking about their Work Experience Fortnight!


Work experience is an important part of Knowl Hill School’s education programme. It provides students with an insight into the world of work with all its disciplines and challenges. The experience will enhance students’ school studies and not only widen their personal development and social skills, but also give them the chance to develop confidence and independence.


It is up to the student, with assistance from parents, to organise his or her own work experience. We strongly recommend that students are not placed in a work environment with family members, in order to get the most from the fortnight. Students may do two weeks at the same place or two separate placements. If any students are struggling to get work experience then we can offer assistance to find a placement.


Year 10 students, while you have some free time over the holidays, think about the type of work you might like to do for your work experience fortnight – make a list of local companies/businesses you would be keen to work for and contact them to see if they would be willing to take you on. If you manage to organise a placement, let me know the company’s name, address, telephone number and a contact name on your return to school in January and I will get the paperwork completed and ready for your fortnight in June.

Mrs J Whitby



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