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Check this page for any letters that we have sent home regarding trips, school clubs or other important notices.

CALSHOT ACTIVITIES CENTRE - e-mail sent 19/07/2017

Dear Parents


(This is a group e-mail to all Year 5 to 9 Parents – please ignore if you have already made your booking for this trip.)

I hope the summer holiday has started well for all of you. I am in the process of confirming numbers for our trip next June to Calshot. Please would you be kind enough to reply to myself and the office to confirm whether or not your child will be attending - we currently have 12 pupils signed up and it would be good to take as many of the pupils from Y9 downwards as possible. It will be a rewarding and enjoyable week and very much helps the pupils to develop social skills and friendships.


If you are confirming attendance, please can you complete the form which was previously sent home and return it together with the £110 deposit, as we will be paying Calshot in August. The final deadline for booking your child on to this trip is Monday of next week.


Best Wishes

Victoria Woods


SNAPCHAT (Snap Map) - e-mail sent 18/07/2017

Dear Parents and Carers


Many of you will be aware of a recent update to Snapchat (Snap Map) which shows publicly posted images on a searchable map which is accurate enough to determine exactly where that person is located at that time, therefore indicating a user’s home address. We advise that all of our pupils should switch off Snap Map location sharing and we encourage you to check that your son or daughter has done this. The details below show how to do this.


How to switch off Snap Map location sharing:

When in photo-taking mode, pinch the screen to open Snap Map.

Touch the settings cog in the top right corner of the screen.

Tap "Ghost Mode" to switch off location sharing.

Photos and videos posted to Snapchat's public 'Our Story' will still be discoverable on the map.

Please follow this link for an article with more information:


I wish you all a wonderful summer.


Kind Regards

Mrs Mansfield

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Knowl Hill Friends Committee & Parent Representative Roles

SPORTS DAY TOMORROW - e-mail sent 10/07/2017

Dear Parents

Sports Day has arrived and fingers crossed the weather will hold tomorrow. The students should arrive at school in their PE kit and anything else they may require for the day, i.e. water bottle, lunch, sun cream and a waterproof jacket.

To get into the spirit of the day students can wear the colours of their house. This could be an item of clothing or in previous years students have used face paints. This helps build team spirit and engages many of the students in the events of the day. If your child is unsure what house they are in it is published in the Sports Day programme that has be emailed to all parents.

Parents are of course welcome to attend. The field events take place from 10:00 on the Pirbright Playing Field during the morning session, at the end of which the whole school breaks for a long lunch to allow preparation for the afternoon of track racing to commence. The track events take place in Pirbright Primary School and start at 13:40, which is the earliest parents will have access to the school. There may be the opportunity for parent participation in a tug of war, so if you want to take part come prepared!

Thank you,

Mr A.Harrison


SPORTS DAY PROGRAMME 2017 - e-mail sent 07/07/2017

Dear Parents


The programme for our Sports Day on Tuesday 11 July 2017 is attached for your information. Hard copies are printed up for your use on the day.





Dear Parents


We have sent home with your child today a questionnaire regarding their pragmatic/social skills from your perspective as a parent.


We would be extremely grateful if you could return this ASAP next week so that we can plan our social skills groups for September.


Many thanks and best wishes.




Harriet Morris

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Head of Therapy


BREAKFAST - e-mail sent 30/06/2017

Dear Parents & Carers


We would like to remind you that we have a fantastic Breakfast Club which runs from 8:00 – 08:40 Monday to Friday.


Miss Leeming, who runs the Breakfast Club, provides food and drinks for the children, along with a few activities if they wish to participate.


From September 2017 the fee for this Club will be £6.00 per day. If you would like to sign your child up to the Breakfast Club please complete the attached form and return it to the school office before Thursday 13 July 2017.


Many thanks







HOT WEATHER UNIFORM - e-mail sent 20/06/2017


Dear Parents


Mrs Lusty has given permission for the children to wear their PE kits to school during this spell of very hot weather.


Please also ensure that they have applied sun cream before they come to school and, unless it is an all-day lotion, please send the bottle in to school so that it can be reapplied it at lunchtime. It would be advisable for them to wear a sunhat for break times and outdoor activities as well.


Please also make sure that they bring in a named water bottle, so that they can stay hydrated throughout the day.


I am attaching a copy of the Heat Wave Advice information that we have received from Surrey County Council’s Children, Schools & Families Directorate, which you may find helpful.



CLASSCHART SURVEY - e-mail sent 15/06/2017

Dear Parents/Carers,


Below is a link to our Classcharts survey.


Please could you take the time to fill the survey in; it should take no more than a couple of minutes.


PIRBRIGHT COMMUNITY GAMES - e-mail sent 12/06/2017

Dear Parents


Thank you all for your generous donations towards our stalls at Pirbright Community Games. The Games start at 12 noon on Saturday 17 June and we will be on Pirbright Village Green until 4pm.


Our next mufti day on Friday 16 June is in return for bottles and cans, but please continue to send in any good quality toys that would be suitable for reselling in the meantime.


Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you on the day.


Kind Regards


Keely Glithero

The Friends of Knowl Hill


SAFEGUARDING UPDATE - e-mail sent 07/06/2017

Dear Parents


I am writing to alert you to two areas of concern that have been brought to my attention:


Netflix series, ‘13 Reasons Why’

I understand that this has been a popular series with teenagers throughout the UK, but has raised some serious concerns from mental health professionals.


‘The Netflix breakout show “13 Reasons Why” has been praised for its binge-worthy, dramatic storytelling. But mental health experts warn that its thrilling narrative devices also make it problematic. The story, which is adapted from Jay Asher’s best-selling novel of the same title, follows high school student Hannah Baker as she posthumously narrates the months leading up to her death by suicide. Hannah leaves behind tapes for people in her life that detail how their nefarious actions ultimately led to her decision. The 13-episode drama also vividly depicts the method Hannah used to end her life. Mental health advocates say the show should not have shown Hannah’s suicide and have spoken out about the potentially harmful nature of the show’. (Lindsay Holmes of the Huffington Post)


The series aims to raise awareness of teenage mental health and suicide in a sensitive way, but as stated above there have been criticisms from professionals in the field of teenage mental health about aspects of the series and particularly the final scenes depicting the suicide itself. Some professionals have praised its sensitive handling of the issues.


The links below provide more detail about the series and comments from mental health professionals:


The Blue Whale Challenge

There have been a number of articles in both the British and global press about an online phenomenon called the Blue Whale Challenge. In this challenge, it has been reported, vulnerable children are given an online curator who gives them fifty daily tasks of increasing nastiness, culminating in an instruction to commit suicide. This is obviously a highly distressing and upsetting idea for any parent to consider. Substantiated facts about the challenge are still very limited, but I did wish to let you know. Should you wish to discuss this with your son/daughter, the NSPCC have good, clear advice for parents about helping to talk to your child about online safety which you may find helpful.


The links below give a little more information about what is being reported about the Blue Whale Challenge, and the NSPCC’s guidance on online abuse:


If you ever have particular concerns about your son/daughter, please contact me via the school office.


Kind Regards


Mrs Mansfield

Designated Safeguarding Lead



Help Knowl Hill School win £5,000 of Book Tokens - e-mail sent 07/06/2017


Dear Parents


Knowl Hill is entering a competition to win £5,000 of book tokens for new books and we need your help to be in with a chance.


Please put our school name and address forward by clicking on the ‘Enter Now’ button below and this will lead you to a very short submission form.


We will let you know if we are chosen to receive the prize!


Many thanks,

KNOWL HILL SCHOOL GARDEN - e-mail sent 11/05/2017

Dear Parents/Carers,


As you may remember, earlier in the year we won 2nd place in the ‘Tesco bags of help’ competition.


We have been doing some internal voting and it has been decided that we are going to have 3 large raised flower beds to plant vegetables, fruits and herbs, a small portable conservatory to help the seeds grow, and to also purchase a new piece of playground equipment.


Leading on from our garden project, Mrs Hughes and Mr Plunkett have agreed to take on a Gardening club during Enrichments, which will help the garden to flourish and hopefully provide us with some wonderful produce and also include gardening crafts, garden tidying and lots of useful tips and tricks.


We wanted to send out a plea to see if any of you had any spare gardening items to help get us started. Please see a list below:


Old Belfast/Butler sink

Bird feeder



Kneeling pads




Watering Cans




Many thanks




Dear Parents


As I am sure many of you are aware, the public examinations are now underway and nearly all of our pupils will be benefitting from either a reader and/or a scribe to help them with the papers.


The students are most at ease receiving this support from Knowl Hill staff and often request Therapy staff to help them. With this in mind, we are asking for your understanding, as over the next few weeks there may be times when therapists are required in these exams and this may have to take precedence over their usual therapy timetable. We will endeavour to keep to timetables as much as possible and therapy targets will remain unaffected.


Please bear in mind that those children who are not taking exams this year will be likely to receive the same assistance when they reach the exam stage of their education in the future.


Many thanks


Harriet Morris


Harriet Morris

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Head of Therapy

BREAKFAST CLUB/SCHOOL START TIME - e-mail sent 04/05/2017

Dear Parents


It has come to light that some pupils are being dropped off before school opens at 8:40 in the morning and they are attempting to join the Breakfast Club group.


Please can you remind your child and their taxi drivers, if appropriate, that they are not permitted on the school grounds until 8:40, as there is no supervision prior to that time.


If you wish them to join our Breakfast Club, please contact the school office. Full details about the Club, with terms and conditions, are attached and hard copies are available on request.


BE KIND anti-bullying campaign - e-mail sent 16/03/2017

Dear Parents


Mr and Mrs Timpson kindly sent us the following link to a poignant TV article about the ‘Be Kind’ anti-bullying campaign featured on this week’s ‘This Morning’ programme:


We intend to show the clip to our year 9, 10 and 11 pupils* during tutor time next week, but would like to offer you the chance to watch it with your children as well.


(*If you have any objection to us showing the clip to your child, please let us know by return.)


Kind Regards


Mrs Mansfield

Head of Science & Safeguarding officer


Red Nose Day activities w/c 20 March 2017. Please read the attached letters for more information.

BREAKFAST CLUB - e-mail sent 10/03/2017


Dear Parents


We are pleased to announce that we are starting a Breakfast Club at Knowl Hill School from Wednesday 19 April 2017.


The club will be held in the Life Skills classroom from 08:00 to 08:40 every weekday during term time and it is open to all Knowl Hill pupils for a daily charge of £4.00. (Only members of the Breakfast Club will be able to enter the school grounds before 08:40.)


We are also very pleased to welcome Miss Leeming as our Breakfast Club Supervisor. We are sure that she will be a valuable member of our team.


Full details, with terms and conditions, are attached. Hard copies of the registration form are available on request.

BREAKFAST CLUB Terms and Conditions

AEROSOL BAN - e-mail sent 09/03/2017


Dear Parents


As a number of our staff and pupils are asthmatic, we are maintaining our ban on aerosols at school, because they can be a particular allergy trigger.


Please make sure that no aerosols of any kind are brought to school by your children. Other forms of deodorant, like roll-ons, are fine.


Thank you for your understanding and continued assistance.


Kind Regards


Mrs Janet Lusty

Headteacher and SENDCo

RED NOSE DAY FUNDRAISING - E-mail sent Tuesday 21/02/2017


Dear Parents


As part of our fundraising for Red Nose Day, we are holding cake sales after school every Friday from this week until the end of term. Please send in money for your children to spend on the cakes of their choice; £2 would purchase three or four individual cakes.


There will be other events, including a mufti day on Thursday 23 March, when we will have various quizzes to help raise funds for the charity. We would like to beat last year’s record of £507.00!



Kind Regards


Adam Harrison

PE Teacher

Knowl Hill School, School Lane, Pirbright, GU24 0JN

T: 01483 797032


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